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Facebook Business Account

Ideally the best way to run Facebook and Instagram adverts is through a business manager account. You need a personal Facebook account to sign up for one initially but just for security. The business manager tool means you can keep your personal and business accounts separate.

The Facebook Pixel

In the data settings of your business manager account we can set up your Facebook Pixel. This involves adding a small piece of code to your website. The Facebook pixel is a plugin, which is linked to the website and provides data on your customers journey. It allows us to measure the effectiveness of the advertising by understanding the actions that people take on the website. We can then use the pixel data to make sure that our ads are being shown to the right people and we can build new custom audiences based on people’s behaviour. An example of a custom audience is people who may have started to fill in a form on your website and then dropped out. The pixel collects this data and allows you to re-market to this particular group to entice them back to the form.

The more conversions you get the better Facebook becomes at delivering your ads to people who are more likely to take certain actions. This is called conversion optimisation.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

When setting up an advert we carefully think about the right target audience and use demographics, interest based targeting and behaviour based targeting to find the right people. We think about your tone of voice and what language we should use for this specific audience and ensure we have the correct image or video. 

We can run several adverts at the same time with different objectives, targeting different groups. For example; we can run one campaign with the objective to grow your followers, another to send people to your website for brand awareness and another for the purpose of lead generation to gather email addresses.

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