Apprenticeship in Hospitality Scotland

AHS Scotland - Allera Marketing

“Natalie at Allera Marketing carried out an audit on our social media platforms recently and she was professional and thorough throughout.  It was displayed in an easy to read and understand (for non-techies!) way and allowed us to evaluate what help and support we need in order to increase our reach and followers, along with a boost in applications to our apprenticeship programme when the time comes.  Natalie explains things in an easy to digest manner with sound knowledge and facts to back up what she is recommending.  We have made the move to take on the team at Allera marketing to help us kick start a social media plan, allow us a better understanding of how to manage the day-to-day stuff and hopefully increase awareness of what we do as a programme.  Really looking forward to working together”.

Apprenticeship in Hospitality Scotland, October 2018